Friday, October 23, 2020
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Your Privacy

 At Eagle FM, our Privacy Statement is simple.

When you send an email to us, your email address is not stored or shared in any way that would allow us to on-sell your email address to anyone outside of our radio station.

When it comes to your phone number and/or address details, we are committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. Your details are not passed to any outside or third-party organizations, and records of your entry into competitions (which may contain some personal details of your name, phone number, email address or home address are kept secure within our premises only when we are required to have a record of them. At no point are unauthorized personnel or non Radio Goulburn people allowed access to these records.

Naturally, any details you have on record with us are accessible to yourself and you are within your rights to request a copy of your personal details with us in writing to the station address provided below on this website.

The only exception to the above conditions is if the police or other law enforcement or legal avenues are taken to retrieve data from us, in which case we are legally required to comply with requests for information.

If you have any questions about your privacy, please contact us.